Geoff Clarke
Geoff Clarke
Economic History and Applied Microeconomics - Job Market Candidate

Geoff Clarke

I research African-American banks and teach active learning and online classes

Starting this Fall, I will be a Lecturer at Brandeis University

My fields:

  • Economic History

  • Applied Microeconomics

  • Banking and Financial History

photo credit: Jeffrey Rubin

photo credit: Jeffrey Rubin



My primary research focuses on banks owned and managed by African-Americans.

In my first project, I create a new data set of African-American banks in the early twentieth century, locating twenty banks that are not in the previous literature. I examine whether African-American banks have an effect on African-Americans in the county in which they are located.

I find that an additional African-American bank per thousand African-American adults in a county leads to a doubling of the rate of African-Americans who report employing at least one person, a good proxy for business ownership.


I won the Sidney I. Simon Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award in 2016.

I’ve taught eighteen sections of four classes:

  • Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis

  • American Economic History

  • Personal Finance and Financial Decision-Making (online)

  • Econometrics

My student evaluation scores are consistently above the department average.


Sample online video: syllabus review

The economics department football seminar, 2017

The economics department football seminar, 2017


I have a record of service to the economics department, creating a graduate student microeconomics seminar, as well as organizing several educational and social events.

I am a fellow of the PreDoctoral Leadership Development Academy, a one-year program preparing aspiring academics for service at their new institutions.